Barony of Rivenoak

This website is being used to desimate information in this ongoing response effort.  Feel free to share the link:
Database for recording offers of assistance and requests for help.  Editable by all.  Also linked on the website above.  

Fire Displaced Populace:

  • If you have immediate needs, please contact Lash.  Email.  Facebook. He is coordinating response efforts locally.  
  • This database has offers that people have made with their contact information.  The second tab is a place for you to record your needs, if you would like.  If you have any problems updating or accessing, please contact Else (information below)

People Who Want to Help

  • Do Not Contact Lash.  He is helping locals at this point. Contact Else if you think you have something Lash needs to know, but you live outside of RivenOak.
  • The greatest need right now is money.  The modern area has lots of "stuff" resources and the Fire Displaced Populace have no storage right now.   
  • There is information on how folks are collecting money/gift cards to distribute to the local populace in need on the website above.
  • There is room to record your offers of assistance in the Database above, so that later, when people are ready, they can accept your generous offers.
  • There is contact information for folks that are holding private fund raisers to directly benefit those impacted (not the SCA).
  • There is contact information for folks that are coordinating things like scroll replacement and garb replacement.

RIVENBURG WAR Saturday, November 17th  Web  Facebook

From Rivenoak concerning the Rivenburg War:

According to the Dane Geld Tor autocrat, the gathering will take place on Saturday. Fighting is not recommended. ....

Baron Gerstan and I are deeply concerned regarding the Air Quality at the Gathering site. We have been checking every day, sometimes twice a day with hopes the AQI will decrease. And the Baroness of Fettburg and I have been desperately looking for an affordable indoor site. However, the air is de air and only Very expensive sites are available.

So after much soul searching Gerstan and I have concluded that people need to make their own choices. Gerstan and I will attend and stay as long as we can. That is our personal choice. We suggest everyone check the Air Quality Index where you live and compare it to the Sacramento site. For example the AQI in Eastern Sacramento was 183 but the AQI for Chico was 363 in places. Go figure??? Please don't feel we will think badly of anyone who chooses to stay home. We really do understand the dilema. Regards, Gerstan & Siranna of Rivenoak

BARONIAL MEETINGS will continue as scheduled.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Mistress Else Hunrvogt
Webminister - Canale
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The Barony of the Rivenoak is a small branch of the Society of Creative Anachronism ("SCA") located in Butte and Glenn Counties, California, in the Principality of the Cynagua, which is part of the Kingdom of the West.

The SCA is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the research and recreation of pre-seventeenth century Middle Ages. This definition includes European society prior to the 1600s, and is purposefully a broad definition. In the SCA you can do almost anything! Activities include: armored combat, fencing, target archery, youth combat, equestrian activities, armoring, calligraphy & illumination, ceramics & pottery, cooking, costuming, dancing, fiber arts (spinning, weaving, etc), heraldry, leather working, medieval games, music (voice and instrumental), woodworking, and many more! You can join artisans practicing their various skills at workshops and events. Our martial activities have various types of tournaments and competitions. In addition there are strict safety standards and rules. The Barony of Rivenoak holds several events every year, plus monthly meetings, practices and workshops. Come find out what we have to offer!

For more information on the SCA: SCA Newcommer’s Portal
Links to the Barony of Rivenoak Facebook Group (Please reference this page for anything not currently found on this site.) 

Business meeting information:
Meet every second Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm
Casa Ramos (South)
2490 Fair Street, Chico, CA