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Drake's Treatise Rapier Battle

Sunday September 24th, 2017
Vacaville, California

Calling all West Kingdom Rapier Fighters! Your Kingdom Rapier Champion calls upon you to take up your steel for a day of Rapier melees and tournaments in preparation for WAR! There will be multiple melees, several 1-on-1 tourneys for different skill levels plus a Cut & Thrust tourney. Prizes will be provided for ALL tourneys. Consider this the fall seasonal counter-part to the now legendary all-rapier Falcon's Treaty event!

A new ALL-RAPIER event which shall serve as the fall--season's counter-part to Falcon's Treaty. It is just a couple weeks before Great Western War in order to serve as the perfect opportunity to hone your melee and tourney skills prior to WAR! Presenting ... Drake's Treatise!

More details to follow but for now know that there will be Prize Tournaments for: Cut & Thrust, Melee, Newcomers/Never-Won, Unscarfed/Un-MOD, and Everyman. Additionally the remainder of the day will be filled with rapier melee fun!

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Event Steward: Dustin Thelen

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Site opens at 10am and closes at 6 PM