Barony of Rivenoak

The Barony of the Rivenoak is a small branch of the Society of Creative Anachronism ("SCA") located in Butte and Glenn Counties, California, in the Principality of the Cynagua, which is part of the Kingdom of the West.

The SCA is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the research and recreation of pre-seventeenth century Middle Ages. This definition includes European society prior to the 1600s, and is purposefully a broad definition. In the SCA you can do almost anything! Activities include: armored combat, fencing, target archery, youth combat, equestrian activities, armoring, calligraphy & illumination, ceramics & pottery, cooking, costuming, dancing, fiber arts (spinning, weaving, etc), heraldry, leather working, medieval games, music (voice and instrumental), woodworking, and many more! You can join artisans practicing their various skills at workshops and events. Our martial activities have various types of tournaments and competitions. In addition there are strict safety standards and rules. The Barony of Rivenoak holds several events every year, plus monthly meetings, practices and workshops. Come find out what we have to offer!

For more information on the SCA: SCA Newcommer’s Portal
Links to the Barony of Rivenoak Facebook Group (Please reference this page for anything not currently found on this site.) 

Business meeting information:
Meet every second Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm
Casa Ramos (South)
2490 Fair Street, Chico, CA