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Kingdom of the West Chancellor Minor

Contact the Youth Chancellor

The office of the Chancellor Minor is responsible for coordinating and organizing Youth Point at Kingdom level events. Youth Point at Principality level events is run by the Principality Youth Minister. There are openings for this position in both The Mists and Cynagua. For more information about these jobs, please contact me. 

The children of this Kingdom are the future of the SCA. They are our future Kings and Queens, our future Laurels, Pelicans, Knights and Masters of Defense. The new page school program has been designed to help them find their place in our great Society. By teaching them our passions and why we are involved, we can help them find their place and it is my hope that they will become just as excited to attend events as their parents. 

Youth Point runs on the 2-deep rule as specificed in the 2014 Seneschals Handbook. This states that all youth activities must be run by two non-related adults, one of whom has an approved background check. The safety of your children is important to us. As such we are always looking for more volunteers. To become background checked, please download the file below, complete and email to

Safiya bint Zakariya al-Tayyib

Chancellor Minor