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Kingdom of the West Equestrian Arts

Contact the Equestrian Arts Minister
  • Equestrian : Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP
  • Equestrian Authorization Database Deputy : Gwendwyn the Silent

Cynagua Equestrian Minister: Viscountess Juliana of Avon
Mists Equestrian Minister: Viscountess Marguerite du Royon
Oertha Equestrian Minister: Mistress Clare Elena of Strathclyde

The Kingdom Equestrian Officer serves as the administrator of all things equestrian in the West and reports to the Kingdom Earl Marshal. The purpose of the West Kingdom College of Equestrian Arts is the study of medieval horsemanship through recreating equestrian pursuits of the Middle Ages. Participants acquire skill and expertise in these areas by attending and participating in equestrian tourneys, practices, and competitions, and through lectures or other workshops sponsored by the College. The College is composed of two parts, the Equestrian Guild and the Marshallate. The Guild is focused upon the research and applied aspects of medieval equestrian arts, while the Marshallate is responsible for safety and conduct.

The College hosts two Kingdom level events per year and often sponsors a full track of classes at Collegiums and the annual Arts and Sciences Tourney. We often have equestrian activities at Crowns, Coronations and Wars, as well if the site is suitable and allows horses to be included. Activities we can do with horses are varied and diverse. From royal processions to combat on horseback, there is a wide range of interest and participation in mounted archery, cavalry drill, jousting, games, driving and more.

See the Kingdom Calendar for events that have equestrian activities. Please feel free to join the  WestKingdom EQ Facebook Page or the WestKingdomEQ Yahoo Group to learn more about Horses and Equestrian events/practices near you.

If you are new to the SCA or new to Equestrian Arts, please check out Getting Started in West Kingdom Equestrian Activities – FAQ’s for Horse Owners, Horse Borrowers, Horse Renters, and the Equestrian Curious.  This document attempts to answer some of the most common questions.  If you have a question it does not address or just want more information, feel free to contact on the the individual officers above or one of the social media groups.

Educational Links


Horses in Period

Mounted Archery

Close Quarters Work - Buzkashi, Pato, Mounted Wrestling (A&S), Ground to Mounted Combat (Experimental)


Rossfecten (Experimental)

Building Equipment

Gaston Phebus - A Spring 2012 event based on the 15th Century hunting guide of the same name

Smithfield - A Summer 2014 event based on the horse market in London of the same name

Administrative Links

On-line Forms


Rules and Waivers


Prior Events and Activities 
- including sample paperwork and courses and activities that have been run successfully in the past.