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The Quill - August 2020


Scribal Trading Card by Finna Kottr Godormsdottir
Scribal Trading Card by Finna Kottr Godormsdottir

The Quill – August 2020
Official newsletter for the Barony of Rivenoak
Chronicler: Muiren ingen Brain

Illumination by Her Excellency, Finna Kottr

Known World Scribal Trading Card (size 2.5”x3.5”) The Griffin is from the Luttrell Psalter (English, 1320-1340)

Welcome to the Barony of Rivenoak! Here you’ll find Barony, Principality, and Kingdom news. If anyone has news to share, please contact me at or Jeanette Frary on Facebook.

Barony News

Greetings! As you all know, in-person events have been cancelled until January 31, 2021. However, as you also know, there has been an upsurge of events online. The following are coming up, and others are weekly.

Here is what’s happening in the Known World:

There is a weekly board of all kinds of events, ranging from needlework to fighting, and everything between.

There is plenty for West Kingdom, too. There’s Between Two Peers, staring Duchess Helga and Viscountess Sarah, and featuring a well-known Person of Interest. Watch for the post on Friday evenings, giving the url. Ask the Knights is on Thursday evening, and they will post the url.

Cynagua presently has various classes from various people and if you’re missing Pennsic, go to

Words from your Seneschal

Their Excellencies invite you to join Them at Their Championship. Due to COVID-19 and the guidelines preventing in-person events, Championship will be a Virtual Gathering. Their Excellencies have decided to extend the terms of Their Champions for another year and each had agreed to beat the honor and responsibility until next year. Their Excellencies still want to see and hear from the populous about what they want from Championship this year. Please visit the Baronial Facebook Page and let Them know.

Championship is otherwise set to take over on August 29th, 2020. Please visit the Rivenoak Facebook Page for more details and to help Their Excellencies and I organize a Virtual Event to the liking of Their populous.

Thank you for your time!

Baronial Events

A&S— Lady Tellina’s virtual sewing group is held Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. Contact Lady Tellina (Tiffany Ballard on Facebook) if you have any questions.
There are also many virtual classes being held over at the SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display group! Check out the link to browse the classes and get your A&S fix.
Scriptorium— Lady Myranda and Mistress Hilarie host a virtual scriptorium as well. It is held the 4th Tuesday of the month via Zoom from 7::-8:00pm. Check the Rivenoak Facebook group or contact Jen Myranda Perry or Hilarie Cornwell for more information.
Bardic— Lady Maeva (Karen Darroux on Facebook) hosts virtual bardic via Zoom often. Check the Rivenoak Facebook group or contact her for info on the next event!

Submissions from the Populace

Life and Death - By Rick Morgan

A symphony of anguish with the added song of carrion eating the dead echoed the battlefield.

Vultures and crows milled about feasting.

A breeze picked up moving the tattered flags of the combatants. The wind now shifted, moving to a small clearing of grass.

The air now grew dark as ash. It spun wildly and took shape. In moments it formed a tall figure in a black cloak. The vultures took to the air in panic. But the crows turned, lowered their heads, and closed their eyes.

Skeletal hands pushed the hood back. Death stood looking down in solace. The gleaming skull gradually looked up and about. Other than the sounds of fire and light breeze the battlefield was silent.

Death leisurely walked among the dead and dying. His bones creaked which bothered him. He was ancient but thought It embarrassing to make so much noise simply walking.

Death existed with many…curses.

Some could see him, others where oblivious to his actions. Many would gaze in horror as he approached. Begging pleading to be forgiven. Others screaming in rage like they were above dying.

Death purposefully moved about looking at the multitude of bodies. He knew whose souls to collect for judgement. Yet he had no idea how he knew. He just…did.

Approaching a French infantrymen, Death observed him calmly looking at the sky. Barely audible, the soldier prayed. Death slowly swept his hand Inside the soldier’s body. In his palm, a glowing orb, life.

The Frenchman exhaled and died.

Death watched the soldier’s life pass through his thoughts in an instant. Boney fingers opened and the soul flew upward. He continued walking among the combatants and approached a bleeding Englishman.

The soldier at first stared in horror. Then he regained his composure. “I am ready reaper; I am ready for death.” Death slowly knelt and placed his hand on the soldier’s brow. The soul gradually moved up to his grasp.

“You will die with honor, no fear, sad your soul will burn.” The orb sat in his palm a moment then burst into flames. Its ashes fell to the ground, dropping to hell.

In the distance a large pregnant woman stumbled among the dead. “Maurice...Maurice!”

Death glanced at the woman who desperately moved around the bleeding bodies. She checked the faces of the fallen. She continued to scream the name.

The reaper looked upward at the clouds. One swirled, a tip of the vapor touched the ground. “Not her, please not her.” The mist spiraled and slowly took shape.

A woman clad in silver and white formed. This was Life, the giver of chance. She pivoted and faced the reaper. To her eyes Death had a form, a face. He stood pale of skin, long blonde hair, eyes brown as mahogany.

“Hello Mortis, it has been many seasons since we last met.”

Death remained silent. He loved her with every ounce of his being. A cruel curse upon him. To touch her, kiss her lips was impossible. If she touched him, he would return to mortal form. His soul forever trapped in the abode...limbo.

If he touched her, she would vanish, her soul cast to heaven.

She stood waiting for a response. Death turned, returning to his duties. “Hello Lilly, yes, many seasons, and much to do here.” Lilly giggled. “You act so proper, death. I can feel your emotions.”

Deaths brow knurled in irritation. He tried to concentrate on his duty but could not stop looking at her. A robust laughter turned his gaze. A jester laughing and dancing among the dead.

“Look at you lose your die. I laugh at you; King Henry laughs at you...death laughs at you!”

Death glanced at the crows. The bird’s heads rose, turned, and focused on the jester. The massive flock launched into the air then attacked the clown. The birds ripped the jester apart.

Death continued his duty. “I do not laugh...and I hate clowns.” Life watched the jester fall to his knees and die. “That was not nice.”

The reaper collected a soul which burst into flames. “I am not here to be nice.” Life walked closer to him. He continued to collect souls trying to ignore her. But her scent, her eyes burned through him.

“I have never seen you smile Mortis, there has to be some memory that brings you joy.” Death listened to her voice. Like music it calmed him. But the screams of the dead destroyed his bliss.

“I have no memories...nothing.”

The reaper moved toward the pregnant woman who had found her husband. She cradled him in her arms holding a rag over a massive wound. The woman looked at Death approach.

“Get will not take him; I won’t let you!” Death knelt next to the soldier. Life stood by his head. The woman screamed. “DON’T TOUCH HIM, HE LIVES!”

Death leaned forward. “I am not here...for him.”

The reaper reached into the woman and plucked the soul of the unborn child. The woman gagged and clutched her stomach. Life leaned forward and exhaled a breath at the soldier.

The man gasped and held his wife. “Cosette...God help me I live, your love helped me live!” Cosette glared at the reaper. “Vile disgusting creature...not my child!”

Death stood and opened his hand. The tiny soul flittered about, then vanished into the air. The reaper turned and walked away. Life moved and stood in front of him.

“Why do people love me and hate you?” Death wanted to touch her, to feel love.

“Because you are a beautiful lie and I am painful truth.”

The End