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The Quill - February 2021

February 2021 Edition of The Quill

The Quill – February 2021
Official newsletter for the Barony of Rivenoak
Chronicler: Muiren ingen Brain

Greetings!  Your friendly Chronicler here, ready to catch you up on all the doings in Rivenoak! Here you’ll find Barony, Principality, and Kingdom news. If anyone has news to share, please contact me at or Jeanette Frary on Facebook.

Barony News

Greetings! As you all know, in-person events have been cancelled until May 31, 2021. However, as you also know, there has been an upsurge of events online. The following are coming up, and others are weekly.

Here is what’s happening in the Knowne World:

There is a weekly board of all kinds of events, ranging from needlework to fighting, and everything between.

Words from your Seneschal

Greetings Rivenoak,

COVID-19 continues to prevent us from holding in-person events. All events through the end of May, at this time, will be held virtually. We have an Event Steward and support for Virtual Fool's Tourney and are creating plans for both in-person and virtual options for the Baronial Championship and Yule Feast. Once it becomes safe to hold in-person events again, we will do what we can to ensure events from that point on are held in person.

The Budget Committee met and developed the budget for this year. We developed it specifically to account for the possibility of holding either in-person or virtual events after the end of May. We are contacting sites to that end.

The Baronial Election has begun!! I am in contact with Kingdom and keeping both the Kingdom and the Principality aware of how the process is progressing. Please see the other items in the Quill which go into more detail about the election. There is still time to submit nominations!! Nominations will be confirmed with the Nominees before they are listed as candidates. Do not be afraid of recommending someone you believe will be a good Baron and/or Baroness. Even if they decline the nomination this time, they may consider serving as the Baronial Coronet in the future.

I hope that all of you are enduring this time and taking care of yourselves. If there is anything that the Barony can do to help you, please let me or the Baron and Baroness know.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!!

February - March Baronial Election Information

This information was posted to the Facebook Group and marked as an announcement.

During the February Barony Meeting, I announced the beginning of the Baronial Polling. During this process, members and active participants of the Barony of Rivenoak will communicate the Barony's recommendation for the next Baron and/or Baroness of Rivenoak to the Crown. If acceptable to the Crown, the new Baronial Successors will serve for 2 years from approximately Purgatorio (August) 2021 until Purgatorio 2023. Serving as Baronial Coronet is an extremely important and rewarding role!!

One or two people may serve as Baron and/or Baroness of Rivenoak (known collectively as the Baronial Coronet). To be considered, each candidate (whether one or two people) must send a letter or note to this effect. This letter should express your desire to serve and Baron and/or Baroness and the name(s) nominated (both mundane and SCA names are helpful). If there are two people who wish to serve, names for both persons should be included in the Nomination Letter. The Nominating Committee will then confirm with Nominees their interest in serving in this position (especially if they were recommended by someone else).

The Deadline for Nomination Letters is 5 pm, Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021. Your letter must be inside the P.O. Box by 5 pm on this day. Postmarks are not accepted!! Please send in your letter early!! Please do not wait until it is too late!!

Baronial Address (for Nominations and Ballots)
Barony of Rivenoak
P.O. Box 2343
Chico, CA 95927

The Nominating Committee will meet soon thereafter to confirm and consider nominations and form Candidate slates for ballots.

The first round of voting will take place after the candidates are announced at the March Barony Meeting. You will have until 5 pm on the date of the April Barony (April 13th, 2021) to return your ballots to the Barony. The votes will then be tallied by the Tallying Committee and the results will be delivered to me. I will then either announce a run-off or announce the Baronial Successor(s).

Paid Members of the SCA who live within the territory of the Barony should receive ballots by mail sometime after the March Barony Meeting (we will have them in the mail the next day).
Active Participants who are not paid members will be eligible to request a ballot be mailed to them by completing a Google Form. Once your status as an Active Participant is verified, we will send out your ballot the day following the March Barony Meeting (if we receive your request after we mailed ballots, we will mail yours as soon as possible after we receive your request). I will post the Google Form where you can request your ballot in the comments of this post once the form is ready for submissions.

All Ballots must be received by the Barony by 5 pm of the date of the April Barony Meeting (or the May Barony Meeting in the case of a run-off). Postmarks are not accepted!! Do not wait!!

If you have questions about this process, have questions about what it takes to serve as Baron and/or Baroness, or need help, please contact me (James Smith), our Baronial Curmudgeon (Glenn Gorsuch), or the current Baronial Coronet (Ileah and Phillip Dotson).

March - April Baronial Election Information

Once the Nominating Committee reviews and confirms the candidates, ballots will be created. Candidates will be announced at the March Barony Meeting. Candidates will have 2 minutes to address the Barony and present whatever they wish to say or present to the Barony in support of their candidacy. After all candidates have used or waived their 2 minutes to speak to the Barony, there will be up to 10 minutes for the populous to ask questions of the candidates and for the candidates to answer. I request that the populous and candidates are brief in their questions and answers. If there is a need for additional time, we will continue questions and answers after the meeting ends. Everyone is welcome to attend Barony Meetings.

Ballots must be completed and returned to the Barony by 5 pm, April 13th, 2021. Postmarks are not accepted!! Please do not wait until the last moment!!

Important information about returning your Ballots:
Ballots must be returned by the deadline!!
Ballots must be marked correctly (by circling your choice)
If you choose to write in a candidate, you must also circle that option.
If you choose to write in a candidate, your handwriting must be legible.
Your ballot must actually be inside of the envelope!!
You must seal and sign your name across the flap of the envelope so that your signature is partially on the flap and partially on the back of the envelope.
Only paid members and active participants of the Barony can vote.
We are required by Kingdom to tally the votes of paid members and active participants so that the totals of each are known.
Whether you are a paid member or an active participant, your vote still counts and is weighed equally toward the totals.
If you are a paid member and an active participant, you will still only receive one vote, total.
I hope to publish a Google Doc for active participants to request ballots.
This list will be compared to the list of paid members.
Active participation will be verified before ballots are sent.
Guidelines for active participation are outlined in the Bylaws.
If you become a paid member after the Membership Office sends me their list, please contact me so I can ensure everything is reflected correctly.
Once the Tallying Committee completes the tally, the Curmudgeon will deliver the results to me (the Seneschal) and I will either announce the winner of the election or announce the 2 candidates that will progress to the run-off. If neither of these cases occurs, I will announce next steps as outlined in the Bylaws. The numbers will NOT be shared or revealed to anyone, except as authorized by our Bylaws and Kingdom Law.

In the case of a run-off, the same stipulations (excepting the information regarding the Nominating Committee) will be repeated and the deadline will by the 2nd Tuesday in May. If this is the case, I will post information to the Baronial Facebook group.

If you have any questions about any of the points above, please contact me or the Baronial Curmudgeon. You can reach me at: (530) 591-5494;

Baronial and Knowne World Events

A&S—Lady Tellina’s virtual sewing group is held Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. Contact Lady Tellina (Tiffany Ballard on Facebook) if you have any questions.

Lady Myranda and Mistress Hilarie are hosting a monthly A&S event called “Where Art Thou?” It is held the 3rd Tuesday of the month via Zoom from 7:00-8:00pm. 
Upcoming on March 16th:  Meisterin Sarah von Feverbach of Artemisia (Sarah Cochran) is a 16th century Sewing Laurel and will give us a tour or her sewing studio.
March, April and May will introduce us to Master Aonghus III - Ulfr who will teach us about his Hebridean Viking stuff (tools, shoes, skis, brewing and spears). Danr Kretchmar of Northshield will show us his woodworking/blacksmithing workshop. Styrkarr Jarlsskald will explain Gold & Silver Damascening.
Check the Rivenoak Facebook group, or the A&S Night page at, or contact Jen Myranda Perry or Hilarie Cornwell.

Principality, Kingdom, and Knowne World— There are many virtual classes being held over at the SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display group! Check out the link to browse the classes and get your A&S fix.
Check out the recent Service Symposium classes on the West Kingdom Youtube Channel!

Submissions from the Populace

From Rudaba al-Nahdyia, the Muse of Rivenoak:
A Norouz Tale, from the Gutenberg press:
Jemshid was eminently distinguished for learning and wisdom. It is said that coats of mail, curiasses,
and swords and various types of armor were invented and manufactured in his time, also that garments of silk were made and worn by his people.

Helmets and swords, with curious arts they made
Guided by Jimshed’s skill, and silks and linen,
And robes of fur and ermine.  Desert lands
Were cultivated; and wherever stream
Or rivulet wandered, and the soil was good
He fixed the habitations of his people;
And there they plowed and reaped;
For in that age, all labored; none
In sloth and idleness
Were suffered to remain, since indolence
To often vanquishes the best and turns
To nought the noblest, firmest resolution.

Jemshid afterwards commanded his Demons to construct a splendid palace, and he directed his people
how to make the foundations strong.

He taught the unholy Demon-born to mingle
Water and clay, with which, formed into bricks,
The walls were built, and then high turrets, towers,
And balconies, and roofs to keep out rain
And cold, and sunshine. Every art was known
To Jemshíd, without equal in the world.

He also made vessels for the sea and the river, and erected a magnificent throne,
Emblished with pearls and precious stones, and having seated himself upon it,
Commanded his Demons to raise him up in the air that he might be able to
Transport himself in a moment wherever he chose.  He named the first day
Of the year Nu-ruz, and on every Nu-Ruz he made a royal feast so that under his hospitable
Roof, mortals and Ginii, Demons and Peris were delighted and happy, every one being
Regaled with wine and music.  His government is said to have continued in existence for
Seven hundred years, and during that period, it is added, none of his subjects suffered
Death or afflicted with disease.

Man seemed immortal, sickness was unknown
And life rolled on in happiness and joy.

Commentary: Nu-ruz is often spelled Nouz-rouz or Now-ruz, which means New Year.  It
Is the opinion of Rudaba al-Naydiah, Muse of Rivenoak, that Nou and New are cognates
From Indo-European. Also, Peris are Iranian angels.

Everything in the above section can be used by everyone as they wish.  As for the second article,
Luftwine Brynesmith (Lyle Matthew Koesterman) retains the right to the photos. He has granted me permission to submit the photos to the Quill. I do not think that copyright applies to the words, which I wrote.

As a dance mercenary, I have been around the virtual known world keeping dance atrophy at bad.  While in Northshield, I spotted this amazing leather pouch made by Luftwine Brynesmith, with embroidered game boards.

From Baron Jonathan Blackbow, Skald of Rivenoak
Two years ago this coming April, Notre Dame caught fire.  Many people were upset and worried about the structure, but one of my friends who received her Laurel for her stained glass work was absolutely terrified that the Rose Windows would be destroyed.
I kept up with the story and around 330AM the next day I read a tweet stating that the firefighters were inside the structure, that the fire was out, and that the Rose Windows were safe.
I wrote the following poem.
A year later, during the ongoing repair and the pandemic, the French rang a bell to commemmorate the fire, and I wrote the sequel.
Baron Jonathan Blackbow
Skald, Barony of Rivenoak

But soft, what light?
A simple mistake, we’ll never know
A few hours later and a fire’s glow
A grand old church, a famous name
A chapel in France called Notre Dame

A fire that raged all through the night
Lit from within, the windows alight
The Window Rose from long ago
Now threatened by a fire’s glow.

And all of France rushed to the scene
Their goal save all that could be saved
A grand old church built long ago
Lit from within by dread fire’s glow

They fought and sweated all night long
While Frenchmen cheered in speech and song
To save the church from long ago
From the fire’s deadly, ash-choked glow.

And dawn returned, as all dawns must
And Frenchmen peering through ash and dust
For just one glimpse of the Windows Rose
That fire threatened by midnight’s glow. 

And lo, the sun’s first rays do show
Not one or two of the Windows Rose
All three survive and now the tears flow
The sun shines bright, and the Windows glow. 

And now, the Sound

A simple mistake, we’ll never know
Caused hours of fear, a year ago
A grand old church, a famous nom
The chapel in France called Notre Dame

A fire that raged all through the night
Lit from within, the windows alight
The Windows Rose, from long ago
Were threatened by a fire’s glow.

And all of France rushed to the scene
Their goal, save all that saved could be
A grand old church, built long ago
Lit from within by dread fire’s glow

They fought and sweated all night long
While Frenchmen cheered in speech and song
To save the church from long ago
From fire’s deadly ash-choked glow.

And lo, the sun’s first beams did show
Not one or two of the Windows Rose
All three survive, and the tears did flow
The sun shines bright and the Windows glow.

And one year later, ‘midst plague we see
The streets are empty, as they should be
But some few come to mark the day
Of a year ago, when the world did pray

And today, the bells ring out to mark
The Church and nation against the Dark
They survived the fire, they’ll survive the plague
They survive no matter how dark the day.

And the church that looks the centuries down
Stands in the middle of Paris town
With the Windows Rose lit by sun’s glow
And the bells ring out, and onward France goes.