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The Quill - May 2020

perrin project rune way.png

Perrin Lodinnson - Project Runeway
Perrin Lodinnson - Project Runeway

The Quill – May 2020
Official newsletter for the Barony of Rivenoak
Chronicler: Muiren ingen Brain

Welcome to the Barony of Rivenoak! Here you’ll find Barony, Principality, and Kingdom news. If anyone has news to share, please contact me at or Jeanette Frary on Facebook.

Barony News
Welcome to the May edition! As you, without a doubt, know, our Kingdom, and in fact, the whole SCA
is in shut-down mode. This is not to say, however, that the Kingdom, Principalities, Baronies and Shires are idle.

The Barony has stepped up, and online classes, and bardic are held monthly, as well as a sewing class. Check the Baronial Events section below for more information.

Rivenoak Fool’s Tourney - We held Fool’s Tourney online! It was fabulous, and the King himself “joined” us, and let us know what’s going on. For the first time ever, The King and Queen of the West, and the Princes and Princesses of Cynagua, The Mists, and Oertha joined us as well! We had two Kings of Misrule, Wyatt and Thomas, and they did a wonderful job!

Contests were not forgotten either. Siege cooking, Project Runeway, Decontaminate Grandma drink competition, a Fighter’s Meme War, the Plague Rat Races all were held, and were all successful. We also successfully invaded the Curmudgeon’s lawn! Special thanks goes to Mistress Hilarie for the Plague Rat descriptions! If you’d like to check out all the fun we had, visit the event Facebook page for all of our shenanigans. You can view our Virtual Court on Youtube via the link below.

Event Page:
Virtual Court:

Principality - The Principality remains the same. The Prince and Princess have supported us, and They
have Their own bingo night! At this writing, May Coronet has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus, so November Coronet will likely be the next event.

Kingdom - The Kingdom of the West is strong. His Majesty, Uther, and Her Majesty, Vera, will stay as King and Queen for the foreseeable future, by order of the Board of Directors of the SCA. There is an online Beltane this weekend, May 1-3, with Court being at 11:30am Saturday.

Baronial Events
A&S— Lady Tellina’s virtual sewing group is held Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. Contact Lady Tellina (Tiffany Ballard on Facebook) if you have any questions.
There are also many virtual classes being held over at the SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display group! Check out the link to browse the classes and get your A&S fix.
Scriptorium— Lady Myranda and Mistress Hilarie host a virtual scriptorium as well. It is held the 4th Tuesday of the month via Zoom from 7::-8:00pm. Check the Rivenoak Facebook group or contact Jen Myranda Perry or Hilarie Cornwell for more information.
Bardic— Lady Maeva (Karen Darroux on Facebook) hosts virtual bardic via Zoom often. Check the Rivenoak Facebook group or contact her for info on the next event!