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The Quill - November 2019

Rivenoak's Quarterly Newsletter

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Rivenoak Gather, October 2019
Rivenoak Gather, October 2019

The Quill
November, 2019
Official newsletter for the Barony of Rivenoak
Chronicler: Muiren ingen Brain

Barony News
The Barony has been busy!  We have started, or gone back to (as us older folks will remember), having fighter practice combined with general shenanigans in Bidwell Park on Sundays, called a Gather. Come in garb, or not, and play! 

A&S had a workshop on Viking bling (festoons) that was well received. 

Sir Bjorn, Eukrates, Justinian, and Jeanie held a demo at Chico state, and FORTY-FOUR people attended! Several even showed up for Fighter Practice at Bearhaven on the following Wednesday. 

Upcoming Events

Yule feast is coming up on December 14th, Butte Hall, in Gridley.  Event opens at 9 am and closes at 11 pm. Tickets may be purchased by Paypal, for $25, or $20 if you are a member. Contact Um’Jabrill (Mozelle Williams on Facebook) to purchase in advance.
This is a great event, so make sure you plan on going!

The business meeting is the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Casa Ramos South, 2490 Fair St, Chico, CA 95928
Arts and Sciences night is the third Tuesday of the month, usually at 7pm at Bearhaven (Mistress Hilarie and Sir Bjorn’s house), at 2508 Tom Polk Ave, Chico, CA 95973
Fighter practice is every Sunday in Bidwell Park near Caper Acres at 11am, and Bearhaven on Wednesdays at 7pm.
Scriptorium is the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm, also at Bearhaven.
Bardic night is held on the fifth Tuesday (when there is one) at 7pm. The location varies, but is often at Bearhaven.


November Coronet saw the crowning of the Lord and Lady of the Swan, Ragnar and Brynhildr.  They will be crowned Prince and Princess at January Investiture.


October Crown was won by Uther, and He will make Vera His Queen at 12th Night.

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